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Class Spec


Extended by Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square\QrCode\Spec
Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square\QrCode
Package: Barcode
Category: Library
Copyright: 2010-2016 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni [email protected]
Since: 2015-02-21
Located at Type/Square/QrCode/Spec.php
Methods summary
public array
# qrstrset( array $srctab, integer $xpos, integer $ypos, string $repl, integer $replLen = false )

Replace a value on the array at the specified position

public integer
# getDataLength( integer $version, integer $level )

Return maximum data code length (bytes) for the version.

public integer
# getECCLength( integer $version, integer $level )

Return maximum error correction code length (bytes) for the version.

public integer
# getWidth( integer $version )

Return the width of the symbol for the version.

public integer
# getRemainder( integer $version )

Return the numer of remainder bits.

public integer
# maximumWords( integer $mode, integer $version )

Return the maximum length for the mode and version.

public array
# getEccSpec( integer $version, integer $level, array $spec )

Return an array of ECC specification.

public array
# putAlignmentMarker( array $frame, integer $pox, integer $poy )

Put an alignment marker.

public array
# putAlignmentPattern( integer $version, array $frame, integer $width )

Put an alignment pattern.

public BCH
# getVersionPattern( integer $version )

Return BCH encoded version information pattern that is used for the symbol of version 7 or greater. Use lower 18 bits.

public BCH
# getFormatInfo( array $maskNo, integer $level )

Return BCH encoded format information pattern.

public array
# putFinderPattern( array $frame, integer $pox, integer $poy )

Put a finder pattern.

Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square\QrCode\SpecRs
createFrame(), rsBlockNum(), rsBlockNum1(), rsBlockNum2(), rsDataCodes1(), rsDataCodes2(), rsDataLength(), rsEccCodes1(), rsEccCodes2(), rsEccLength()

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