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Class QrCode


QrCode Barcode type class

Extended by Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type
Extended by Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square
Extended by Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square\QrCode
Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square
Package: Barcode
Category: Library
Copyright: 2015-2016 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni [email protected]
Since: 2015-02-21
Located at Type/Square/QrCode.php
Methods summary
# setParameters( )

Set extra (optional) parameters: 1: LEVEL - error correction level: L, M, Q, H 2: HINT - encoding mode: NL=variable, NM=numeric, AN=alphanumeric, 8B=8bit, KJ=KANJI, ST=STRUCTURED 3: VERSION - integer value from 1 to 40 4: CASE SENSITIVE - if 0 the input string will be converted to uppercase 5: RANDOM MASK - false or number of masks to be checked 6: BEST MASK - true to find the best mask (slow) 7: DEFAULT MASK - mask to use when the best mask option is false

# setBars( )

Get the bars array

protected array
# binarize( array $frame )

Convert the frame in binary form

# encodeString( string $data )

Encode the input string

# toUpper( string $data )

Convert input string into upper case mode

Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type
__construct(), getArray(), getBarsArray(), getExtendedCode(), getGd(), getGrid(), getHtmlDiv(), getPng(), getPngData(), getPngDataImagick(), getRgbColorObject(), getSvg(), getSvgCode(), setBackgroundColor(), setColor(), setPadding(), setSize()
Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Convert
convertDecToHex(), convertHexToDec(), getBarRectXYWH(), getBarRectXYXY(), getGridArray(), getRotatedBarArray(), processBinarySequence()
Properties summary
protected string $format

Barcode format

protected integer $version

QR code version. The Size of QRcode is defined as version. Version is an integer value from 1 to 40. Version 1 is 2121 matrix. And 4 modules increases whenever 1 version increases. So version 40 is 177177 matrix.

# 0
protected integer $level

Error correction level

# 0
protected integer $hint

Encoding mode

# 2
protected boolean $case_sensitive

Boolean flag, if false the input string will be converted to uppercase.

# true
protected integer $random_mask

If false, checks all masks available, otherwise the value indicates the number of masks to be checked, mask id are random

# false
protected boolean $best_mask

If true, estimates best mask (spec. default, but extremally slow; set to false to significant performance boost but (propably) worst quality code

# true
protected integer $default_mask

Default mask used when $this->best_mask === false

# 2
protected Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square\QrCode\ByteStream $bsObj

ByteStream class object

Properties inherited from Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type\Square
Properties inherited from Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Type
$bars, $bg_color_obj, $code, $color_obj, $extcode, $height, $height_ratio, $ncols, $nrows, $padding, $params, $width, $width_ratio

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