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Class Cmyk


CMYK Color Model class

Extended by Com\Tecnick\Color\Model\Cmyk implements Com\Tecnick\Color\Model\Template
Namespace: Com\Tecnick\Color\Model
Package: Color
Category: Library
Copyright: 2015-2015 Nicola Asuni - LTD
License: GNU-LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.TXT)
Author: Nicola Asuni [email protected]
Since: 2015-02-21
Located at Model/Cmyk.php
Methods summary
public array
# getArray( )

Get an array with all color components

public array
# getNormalizedArray( integer $max )

Get an array with color components values normalized between 0 and $max. NOTE: the alpha and other fraction component values are kept in the [0..1] range.

public string
# getCssColor( )

Get the CSS representation of the color: rgba(R, G, B, A) NOTE: Supported since CSS3 and above. Use getHexadecimalColor() for CSS1 and CSS2

public string
# getJsPdfColor( )

Get the color format used in Acrobat JavaScript NOTE: the alpha channel is omitted from this representation unless is 0 = transparent

public string
# getComponentsString( )

Get a space separated string with color component values.

public string
# getPdfColor( boolean $stroke = false )

Get the color components format used in PDF documents (CMYK) NOTE: the alpha channel is omitted

public array
# toGrayArray( )

Get an array with Gray color components

public array
# toRgbArray( )

Get an array with RGB color components

public array
# toHslArray( )

Get an array with HSL color components

public array
# toCmykArray( )

Get an array with CMYK color components

# invertColor( )

Invert the color

Methods inherited from Com\Tecnick\Color\Model
__construct(), getHexValue(), getNormalizedValue(), getRgbHexColor(), getRgbaHexColor(), getType()
Properties summary
protected string $type

Color Model type

# 'CMYK'
protected float $cmp_cyan

Value of the Cyan color component [0..1]

# 0.0
protected float $cmp_magenta

Value of the Magenta color component [0..1]

# 0.0
protected float $cmp_yellow

Value of the Yellow color component [0..1]

# 0.0
protected float $cmp_key

Value of the Key (Black) color component [0..1]

# 0.0
Properties inherited from Com\Tecnick\Color\Model

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